When one door closes, another one opens

Dear Chandler House Guest,

I started this website about a year ago. It served me well, and helped show the World what it is that I do. With a bit of luck and hard work, I am proud to announce the debut of my ‘grown-up’ website. Not only does it have an online shop, but I will be blogging on all things inspiring and Cape from there too. Please visit http://www.chandlerhouse.co.za

soon and see what we have been busy with.
x x x


About Chandler House

I am a young designer living and working in Cape Town. For more info, or to see my work, visit: www.chandlerhouse.co.za
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5 Responses to When one door closes, another one opens

  1. Wish I knew about the opening…wouldve loved to come!
    will check out the space soon then

  2. Lana says:

    Absolutely beautiful, love it!

  3. davidbb says:

    A tour-de-force

  4. Maria says:

    would love to posses one of you beautiful original keyhole pendants they are really stunning!! Thanks Lanalou for the comp! Please randomly select me to win this awesome prize!

  5. manina says:

    Michael !….this new mirror is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and delicate and pure and just wonderful !!!

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