The Cape Spittoon

The Cape Spittoon is a 21st C interpretation of an old Cape Icon. I’ve always loved its curves and form, which I have admired in Great Cape Museums and at the Auction House where I used to work. I decided to combine this admiration for a glorified saliva receptacle with my love for white ceramics and the results can be seen in the images below. I hope that the Spittoon will experience a revival and be included into contemporary homes as it is such a beautiful, simple thing with its roots stretching deeply into our unique Cape Interior History.

A Lady Anne Barnard Drawing with a Spittoon

Slip-cast and glazed earthenware, 42cm high, editioned out of 100

A Magical Photograph of Vergelegen's Interior. Note the Spittoon on the far left of the image.

From Left: Kraak Convex Mirror, Miro Cushion, Cape Spittoon in yellow

Available from Ebony, Franschhoek & Cape Town – in Classic white and Sunshine Yellow. Other colours available on request. Editioned out of 100.


3 Responses to The Cape Spittoon

  1. manina says:

    elegant and beautiful !!!

  2. david says:

    it is beautiful- would you expect it to be used as a vase?

  3. I am sure that this elegant ceramic piece has a myriad of uses ..Not only functional but exquisite in its’s lines.. WELL DONE MICHAEL and all of my best wishes for the is …… that YOU belong in Europe ..sigh …sigh doubt you are probably exporting as I write this!
    Hugs GIo

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