One Hundred & Thirty

The idea for making a vase from the profile of two faces came to me after working with Phrenology Heads for awhile. Whilst not ideal for displaying Gorgeous Blooms, it does make a Classic Form on a bookshelf, interior surface, etc.

The Vase, once finished reminded me of those IQ tests that you would do as a child and that is where the name of this vase – ‘stems’ – from. The real question though is not what your IQ score is but; “Do you see two faces looking at each other – or a vase?”


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slip-cast stoneware vase, clear glaze.

2 Responses to One Hundred & Thirty

  1. So utterly stunning and fabulous… I would love some of these vases urgently please advise

  2. manina says:

    so fabulous !!!!…i want one !……

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