I found a phrenology head by Lorenzo Niles Fowler (1811–1896) at the Portobello Market in London and began making slip-casts of this idealised human head form. Treating the bisque-fired busts as a blank canvas, I began to experiment with how different features on a face can completely transform the face’s identity.

I have also began playing with ‘face furniture’ – that which you would associate with different professions, stereo-types, etc. Enter stage left: Pirates, Nerds, Doctors, Wasps, Jews and Gay Hairy fetishists.  I have visited many faces on this adventure including Matisse’s Tête works, Picasso’s etchings and even Betty Boop with her large eyes.

Farmers, milkmen and insomniacs might recognize these works as they appear on SABC 3’s morning show – Expresso – weekdays from 5:30 a.m.

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slip-cast stoneware and under glaze


One Response to Phrenologies

  1. elle Katzeff says:

    Which one is Jewish darling? I’d love to know!

    xxx elle

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