Decorative Pieces

“L’Art Pour L’Art!” the artists would declare in the second half of the 19th Century. Art for Art’s Sake!

It might sound trivial, but sometimes the only reason we have something in our Home is because its a Thing of Beauty. As a designer, artist, aesthete or collector – sometimes Beauty is enough. The pieces under this banner do not have any special function attributable to them, but they are in my humble opinion worthy of ‘having around’. Whether they delight the Eye, stoke the coals of Nostalgia or enhance a room – Decorative Pieces are just as important as functional objects. They are the jewelry which adorns the body of the room.
To see more of these Attractive and Useless pieces, please click on their headings, as this will direct you to their own feature page.

Cape Fridge Fragments

Cape Fridge Fragments, Found Shards & Magnets

The Phantom Library Collection

Phantom Library Set, plaster


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