Cape Fridge Fragments

Following the interest that the Embroidered Cape Chairs received, I thought I’d use the found Blue and White China shards in a far more Domestic way. Inspired by an invitation that a friend sent me to a fabulous design and art launch, I decided to make Fridge Magnets out of Blue and White Porcelain shards that I had found in and around Cape Town …And what wonderful little fridge magnets they make! There’s a wonderful play between then and now, domesticity and dirty resting places, broken and whole. Yesteryear’s kitchen mishap, is today’s kitchen Gem.

Sizes and forms vary of course, some are 18th Century Chinese handpainted, other Victorian transfers… Each has its own Secret History!

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And now for something special…

These Chinese, Hand-painted Shards from the 17th/18th Century have found their way to Amsterdam and now sit on a kitchen hood that overlooks the old VOC Warehouse (wow!). Many of the Chinese porcelain pieces were made for the European Market in the 17th and 18th Centuries and it warms my heart to see that these bits of broken blue and white china have made it there – and – are appreciated as cultural relics right at the Heart of the VOC ruins. I am also fond of this example as the shards fit snuggly into one another like a crude puzzle.

Blue and White Shards in Amsterdam


4 Responses to Cape Fridge Fragments

  1. manina says:

    fabulous idea !!!!….i want some immediately please !

  2. Lior Chait says:

    great shards Michael !

  3. Marsha says:

    Love this palimpsest of history and ephemera!

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