Miro, Miro, on the Sofa

Joan Miro, the Spanish Surrealist painter loathed conventional art. His works set about ‘assassinating’ its usual forms and when he departed this world one Christmas day, he left with us a very iconic set of visual signs that are readily associated with Mr Miro. Not too-well acquainted with his work, I sat in bed one winter evening and began playing with his squiggles, curls and atomic-inspired shapes on a blank page. It was good fun, and soon I realized that these quirky, fun and simple forms would make a super cushion design.
… Especially if you consider how popular mid-20th Century furniture has become. So here it is, my own interpretation of Miro’s work on a cushion.

I think the artist would be tickled to see just how ‘assisinated’ art has become.

A 'Miro' Cushion, 60 x 60cm, along side a Cape Spittoon in Butter Yellow

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House & Leisure online article on the Cushion


One Response to Miro, Miro, on the Sofa

  1. manina says:

    very inventive….i love it !

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