The Kraak Convex Mirror

Based on the outer rim pattern of a Japanese Blue and White Ceramic Plate from the 17th Century, the Kraak Mirror is a reference to another Cape Icon – the VOC plate.

A 21st Century Cape take on the Regency Butler’s Mirror, I think that this original piece echoes the early Cape’s Domestic attraction towards Oriental Blue and White ceramic wares without being too explicit. The subtle gradients of cream and ivory change with the light – and thus at night the Kraak Mirror has a different appearance to what it looks like in the day.


The ‘Kraak’ Convex Mirror, 84,5cm diameter

Reflecting the Atlantic Blue

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The Kraak Mirror made is debut at Deon Viljoen’s Open House,2011 :

Available from Ebony at both their Franschhoek and Loop Street Galleries.


2 Responses to The Kraak Convex Mirror

  1. Arterati says:

    Mmmm… Great Rim Job, Michael.

  2. manina says:

    fabulous again !!!….is it a special curved mirror too ?….what an original combo Michael ! I love the border too………

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