The Acacia Convex Mirror

This commissioned piece was inspired by a farm in the Karoo whose main produce is desolation, dust and acacia trees. Creating this piece was nothing less than a Herculean task. Each leaf and flower head was placed individually and then outlined with scratches and hatch marks, not quite unlike the nature of the tree itself. The result is the Acacia Convex Mirror.

I have already heard the words “Egyptian” and “Art-Deco” in the first few reviews  and this pleases me. I hope to see chic safari camps obscurely reflected in these frames, with a vase of freshly-picked acacia branches in a nearby vase.

The Acacia Convex Mirror

A detail of the frame

Deer Park Stone Pine Reflections

2 Responses to The Acacia Convex Mirror

  1. Manina says:

    absolutely beautiful ! ….and stunning !….wow !….

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