Jewellery [sic] is probably one of the oldest forms of design. I am confidant that the idea of adorning the body is as old as the invention of the body itself. It also is not just for woman. I love nothing more than to discover pendants to add to my growing chain of ‘good-luck’ charms as well as discovering beautiful rings to enhance an outfit.
Jewellery pieces are like jokes, anecdotes or old-fashioned idioms, we carry them around with us delighting others and ourselves; and by doing so, we enrich our daily lives.

If you are interested in reading more about the pieces below, please click on the title and you will be directed to the full-feature on the item that has caught your interest.

The Cape Pendant Collection

The Cape Pendant Collection, Sterling Silver & Brass, Hand-cut with laser detailing, sizes variable

The VOC Pendant


The VOC Pendant against the Iconic VOC Imari Plate

The Cape Gentleman’s Cuff-Links

A Pair of Cape Gentleman's Cuff-Links: Found Shards set into Sterling Silver


2 Responses to Jewellery

  1. Katherine says:

    They are all so beautiful! I’m drawn to the one on the far right… it’s the vertical symmetry and the detail in particular. I think it’s a lovely idea and something I haven’t seen before! Makes a change from birds… though I love jewelry with birds.

    Any reason the pendant design is called the Cape collection? Is it just because they were made here?

    • They are called the Cape Pendant Collection because they are ‘copies’ of escutcheons found on old Cape Armoires, Display Cabinets or ‘Koskasse’. The brass examples are from Dutch Rococo pieces, whilst the silver ones are more Neo-Classical in style. You can see similar examples at the Cape Castle, Koopmans De-Wet House in Strand Street – or at a Beautiful Cape Wine Farm.

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