The Cape Gentleman’s Cuff-links

I have ordered several white shirts for this summer – and for my evening shirts I have requested that are double cuffed so that I can start wearing my small collection of cuff-links. Bordering on pretentious, cuff-links have the ability of turning a man into a gentleman.

The key to wearing cuff-links successfully is Simplicity. The shirt and jacket that they will be enhancing should be simple, beautifully-sewn and timeless in cut and colour. Cuff-links add a little something to an outfit that suggests that the person concerned is a lover of beautiful things and values the way things used to be.

In response to the lack of beautiful and simple cuff-links available in South Africa, I have made these Cape Gentleman’s Cuff-links. They are crafted from hand-shaped antique porcelain shards that have been found around Cape Town and set into sterling silver. Wear your heart for the old Cape on your sleeve this summer with these beautifully-made Cuff-links.

The Cape Gentleman's Cuff-Links

A Pair of Round Cape Gentleman's Cuff-links

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4 Responses to The Cape Gentleman’s Cuff-links

  1. Roelof says:

    Michael Chandler, you never fail to delight and surprise us!

  2. Anton Welz says:

    Another classic from the House of Chandler, beautiful idea Michael.

  3. kevin says:

    yes you have really got this right, right, right – now can I purchase on-line please

  4. Ros Bechet says:

    where do I buys these…superb cufflinks.

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