One sign of a Beautiful Home is if there are fresh flowers in it. They don’t need to be lavish bouquets – I rather fancy placing unusual branches of leaves, or curiously-coloured foliage in humble glass jars. A passion for nature shows an interest in the living and Life – and the rewards of learning more about nature are endless.

Another sign of a Beautiful Home is the use of Linen. Very simply, what does your bed linen say about you? Does your stained apron serve more of a purpose than just protecting your clothes? Do you use paper serviettes at dinner parties?

I hope to offer a variety of options to all these areas of our Home by producing considered, playful and beautifully-made linen. Its the little touches in life that make it the more Romantic and Ideal place we all suspect it to be.

By clicking on the links below you will be directed to the full feature entry on the piece that you are interested in.

The Cape Wasp Napkin Collection

The Cape Wasp Napkin Collection, Hand-embroidered Egyptian Cotton, 63cm x 63cm

 The Chandler House Keeper Apron

The Chandler House-Keeper Apron



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