Ceci N’est Une Pas Bouillote

A friend of mine recently went through the horror of having her freshly-made hot water bottle split and spill its contents on her upper leg. I won’t go into gory detail as I am squeamish, but think Christmas Roast. Through her graphic Facebook photos (which were soon removed by Zuckerman’s people) she called on all her friends to remove their hot water bottles in the hope that further, unnecessary injuries could be avoided.

My initial reaction was ‘over my cold body’ – as I love the comfort of having a warm, soft addition in my winter beds. But having been confronted with the photographs that I saw, I had to agree that there is no place for a hot water bottle in my bed – or – Home.  Those microwavable bean bags are really unattractive, but the more I thought about how it could be remade, the more it become clear how a revised and attractive one would look.

So in Homage to Magritte – one of my favourite 20th Century Artists – I came up with a ‘grain sack’ in the form of a hot water bottle. Made from soft and lightly fluffy flannel, it is not only safer, but far more attractive than a conventional hot water bottle. Each sack comes with its own removable and washable cover which will in the future come in various designs.

[and apologies for the spelling or grammitical error. I understand that it is incorrect. ]

Make your bed a warmer, safer and more attractive place in Winter.

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2 Responses to Ceci N’est Une Pas Bouillote

  1. Leanne Gordon says:

    Totally fabulous…. I want one now!!!

  2. Manina says:

    so very clever…it looks soothing and comfy….i want one immediately too please !

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