The Chandler House Keeper Apron

After much procrastination and deliberation I am delighted to present my latest design. With the help of my Mum, her patient and talented seamstress and many cups of tea we have come up with a Classic Apron for Chandler House. Hopefully with time (and more tea!) – we will continue to add new apron designs to the Linen Range.

The Chandler-House Keeper Apron, shot at the On-Site Gallery with kind permission

It really is a Herculean task to find beautiful aprons that are well-constructed and thought about. An apron is about protecting garments from the by-products of dirty labour, granted, but this is just about where most aprons end. I hope to design beautiful aprons that go beyond their basic function and become something more. Thus I have added details to corners, tried different apron string thicknesses, doubled the amount of gorgeous linen used, folded over, tucked in, brass ring-pulled and added an original and charming embroidery to the face of the apron.

An Apron is a Useful thing.

The Chandler House Keeper Apron, shot at the On-Site Gallery, with kind permission

A detail of the X-shaped back, shot at the On-Site Gallery, with kind permission


3 Responses to The Chandler House Keeper Apron

  1. cathy says:

    so stunning Michael… can’t wait

  2. david bb says:

    its very beautiful indeed

    How does one tie it, given the X back?

    • Hi David BB,

      the apron strings come down from the shoulders and cross over before being pulled through a pair of brass rings. The two strings meet in a bow on the lower back. This pulls the bust up and the stomach in – a real joy and help in these times. Its a little tricky getting it right the first time, but very rewarding once its on. I think that the apron will have to coming with hand-drawn instructions though – just to be safe.

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