The ‘Michaelis’ Chandelier

If ever you find yourself in the Heart of Cape Town on a very hot day and are looking for a respite from the baking sun – head straight towards Greenmarket Square. On the Table Mountain side of the cobbled area you will find The Old Townhouse, where Max Michaelis’ Collection of Old Dutch Masters reside. You will also find an incredible collection of early Cape Furniture, Ceramics and Brass Chandeliers.

This design is timeless, beautiful and like the other beaded pieces which I have designed – made entirely out of white beads. The scrolling arms are attached to the bulbous, spherical body, which end in delicate drip-pans. The whole piece is magically suspended by a beaded chain.

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These current photographs are of the chandelier without any electrical fittings, energy-saver lightbulbs or thoughtful lamp shades. As soon as I have fitted the piece with electricity, I promise to update this page with images of the chandelier aglow. I am looking forward to seeing the effect that the light will have on the thousands of milky beads that lie beneath its shades. I have a hunch it will evoke a shagreen feel.


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