The Neo-Classical Beaded Mirror

The Neo-Classical Beaded Mirror is the latest in the beaded design series and pays particular attention to the forms, proportions and dimensions of existing Adam-Style Gilded Mirrors. Whilst there is of course some interpretation by the ‘beadsmith’ of the original 18th Century design, this Mirror is more refined than the previous beaded mirror designs. I am also quite taken by the basic rectangular form of the mirror’s frame. Rigid, four-sided shapes are rather ‘un-African’ and I think that this quadrangle form makes the contrast between the African beads and the Euro-centric design all the more exciting and explicit. The Neo-Classical Mirror’s Cresting has been applied with vertical festoons which catch light breezes – adding movement and a gentle Spirit to the piece. The shadows that are cast off the Mirror at night by Evening Lighting are equally as bewitching.

Smaller Neo-Classical Beaded Mirror, Beads, Wire & Mirror

The Neo-Classical Beaded Mirror, Beads and Wire


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