The ‘Nyanga’ Mirror

Looking to create something a little less busy than the ‘Madame-style” Mirror, the ‘Nyanga’ Mirror has been stripped of all its ornamentation; taking on the appearance of a fabulous lunar shape. The word ‘Nyanga’ is the Xhosa word for Moon and curiously, it is also the Xhosa word for traditional healer – or witch doctor. The use of beads is synonymous with the Xhosa, and white beads are regarded as sacred and used only by those imbued with ancient ancestral wisdom. For those who appreciate the fine craftmanship of the beadwork, but prefer a purity of form, the ‘Nyanga’ mirror is a fitting match.

The 'Nyanga' Mirror, Beads and Wire

A different construction gives this Nyanga Mirror a different finish


5 Responses to The ‘Nyanga’ Mirror

  1. Manina says:

    Beautiful texture and simplicity !
    The white looks wonderful. It would be a great challenge adding a suggestion of colour ?
    Wow, quite different from her relation the “Madam Style” mirror, both very unique….and both very beautiful .

  2. david says:

    I like the swirling of the lines, very elegant

  3. I think that because the mirror has been stripped down, the viewer can appreciate the more subtle decorative qualities of the piece. I think it is a really gorgeous item.

  4. Trevor says:

    Really lovely piece!

  5. Piko says:

    Good one Mike! Hope to convince hubby to get one of your pieces for our place here

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